Training Services


Cellular Expert Company provides standard Cellular Expert training course or adjust it to the individual company needs. During the training courses the participants will gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience how to work with Cellular Expert software. The training topics explain the concepts of Cellular Expert and fully cover the software functionality. The courses are oriented to specific technologies according to the customer needs.
  • Management of equipment data and network objects
  • Nominal network planning
  • Path profiling
  • Visibility analysis
  • Radio link design
  • Setting of performance targets
  • Radio link signal prediction and interference analysis
  • Prediction model types, creation of prediction models
  • Coverage prediction and best server calculation
  • Interference calculations
  • Network planning tasks for LTE, WiMAX, UMTS, TETRA, DVB-T, Wi-Fi
  • Traffic planning and analysis
  • Network Optimization
  • Statistical GIS analysis
  • Drive test data analysis and prediction model calibration
  • Database creation
  • Troubleshooting

Trainings Brochure

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