Cellular Expert Upgrade


Upgrade your current Cellular Expert version to 4.4.2 – do you work faster and make it easier. During last year Cellular Expert team has significantly improved Cellular Expert, we released a few new versions, and would like to encourage you to upgrade your current version to Cellular Expert 4.4.2.

Cellular Expert latest version features' highlights:

          ArcGIS 10.5 compatible – Cellular Expert 4.4 supports the newest Esri ArcGIS version - as well as all previous ArcGIS versions down to 10.0.

          Publishing tools to ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS PRO support.

          Multi-technology calculations – analyze different technologies networks at the same project, combine wireless and optical network for network planning. 4G networks (LTE, LTE-A, WiMAX), UMTS, GSM, Transmission networks (Microwave), Broadband access networks (LMDS, MMDS, WLL), Critical communication networks (TETRA, TETRAPOL, APCO), other technologies in a frequency range up to 100 GHz.

          Multi-core calculations – this functionality exploits the advantages of multi-core processors and allows to process two or more jobs at the same time - shorten the total calculation time twice or even more. Moreover, there is no need to divide sites and create separate task manually. Now Cellular Expert does it automatically.

          Network sketching – automatic network creation based on defined users’ rules.

          Improved Drive-test data tool – now, instead of providing statistics as separate rasters, you can include all information into the points layer (Shape path).

          Improved Monte Carlo simulation tool – use user’s density data for faster simulations. More options for result analysis and visualization. 

          Improved reporting – new Radio Links reports and PFD coverage reports.

          Neighborhood/Impact Matrix calculation improvement – automatic calculation parallelization was added, to allocate loading between CPU cores. Speed of calculations was significantly improved. 

          Coverage statistic tool – now you are able to calculate statistics according to several input layers and thresholds. 

          New features – Hybrid networks, Microwave and Fiber backhauls planning, Automated network analysis and optimization, Geo-marketing tools, Automated site placement tool and many more. 

More flexibility for users. From this year we have possibility to offer perpetual and annual licenses with full support and maintenance. 

Furthermore, Cellular Expert support page is getting more and more popular platform for communication between you and us, so take a minute to register there to find all latest information.

We’re pretty excited about this new updates, and we hope you will be too.


For more information on all the benefits of switching from a current version to the newest one, please contact our Reseller or just send us a request by e-mail: info@cellular-expert.com


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