Cellular Expert team has implemented GIS based Fiber Network management system for Broadband Internet company (“Plačiajuostis Internetas”)

Across most of Lithuania there is sufficient last-mile infrastructure for broadband, but the necessary core/backhaul network infrastructure and capacity are missing. Public Enterprise Plačiajuostis Internetas (a not-for-profit public enterprise established in 2005 to implement the Rural Area Information Technology Broadband Network (RAIN) project and manage the new infrastructure) develops broadband infrastructure in areas where it does not exist or where there is no competition in broadband  services. Plačiajuostis internetas main aims are to meet public interests by creating broadband access and providing broadband services, manage information technology infrastructure and organize its exploitation.

While developing and managing telecommunication networks geospatial analysis is perfect assistant to quickly find out answers: where a fiber-optic line is laying, in which manhole optic cables are connected or where the fault location is. Preview and analyze network information on the map.

To improve the quality of services Plačiajuostis internetas signed a contract with Cellular Expert company for implementation and installation services of network management solution based on geographic information system (GIS). The solution is expected to simplify the work with large volumes of geographic data, eliminate manual work in sales procedure, also to facilitate network operation and maintenance.

Before the implementation, different teams (development, management, sales) of the company were designing/documenting/managing network infrastructure via various systems:

  • Fiber lines (CAD drawings)
  • Fiber line connectivity schemas (Visio)
  • Cable route lines (ArcGIS)
  • Splices (ArcGIS, Visio)
  • Cable information (Excel)
  • Point of interests (Microsoft SQL, ArcGIS)
  • Fiber utilization (Sales DB, Visio)
  • Pictures etc.. 

Geospatial network documenting system

GIS based system goal was to extent existing functionality of network management and related systems:

  • Simplify documentation system
  • Simplify network planning and analysis tasks
  • Improve network monitoring and fault liquidation process tasks
  • Improve fiber leasing/sales process tasks
  • Simplify access to network data

New network and services management system allows different users to edit information, preview or see where the cables / splices are, analyze connectivity, how the equipment is interconnected, manage documentation (contracts) in one solution. Users responsible for network quality (NOC) can identify fault location on the map, perform different traces, to see how good/bad the connections between fibers are running. Manage network information – see which fibers are busy, how contracts are assigned to different fibers. 

Solution offers three different network views for the same network: map, tabular or diagram. You can add/edit/preview network elements, access atributical information of each element, to see relativity between objects, see that information in diagrams and schematic view. The information updates automatically and you do not need redraw diagrams each time when some network connectivity changes made in a map view appear.

To improve data sharing process network documenting system was supplemented with Cellular Expert Server - WEB solution for network data access, preview, analysis and reporting using internet browser (Cellular Expert Server + ArcGIS for Server + RDBMS (Oracle, SQL server) + other database sources). When company have many users who are accessing the data, system administrator will create different roles for the users. Depending on tasks assigned, different departments will be able to - preview network objects, connections, diagrams, add information, assign attachments, load data in to web application (KAD file or raster). 

Integrated with current GIS system Cellular Expert network documenting solution will help identify network utilization, e.g. find out how much fiber in a specific segment are already occupied, in the case of network fault, identify the number and type of services affected. New system will facilitate monitoring the technical status of network and will make it easier to identify cable fault location.

According to Plačiajuostis internetas Technology and Development director Dr. Vytautas Tvaronavičius, - installed system will geographically visualize broadband data transmission network, also will help carry out development, construction and other possible changes analysis, it is expected that the system will benefit much in strategic decision-making process.

"We have many years of experience in the development and deployment of telecommunication networks specialized solutions around the world. Geographic information systems have long become one of the most important components of planning and documentation processes. I am glad that we can share this experience deploying broadband data transmission network in Lithuania"- says Vytautas Ramonaitis head of Cellular Expert company.

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