Consultancy Service Providers

Wireless network planning is a complex task, which is time consuming and requires very deep knowledge. To save money and time more and more often operators, telecoms, regulatory authorities outsource their activities related to wireless network planning. All these activities are undertaken by consultancy service providers. Consultancy service providers have to manage networks based on different technologies, they need to solve different, complex tasks. So, wireless network planning tool, which supports many technologies, different data formats is very important for Consultancy Service Providers. Cellular Expert is the best choice in this case! 

With Cellular Expert Telecommunication Consultants can: 

  • Perform tasks on single computer. Our software supports many technologies, has broad functionality, so consultant doesn’t need to have different wireless planning solutions to plan and check various networks.
  • Easily start projects in any country of the world, as Cellular Expert supports many data formats
  • Visualize and map your network
  • Calculate network coverage and capacity, interference, perform automated cell and frequency planning
  • Simulate traffic loading scenarios
  • Use various propagation models as well as add custom ones
  • Perform point-to-point, point-to-multipoint analysis
  • Generate flexible reports
  • Design and optimize network: define required frequency, reduce interference, configure antennas so it would serve the biggest amount of customers
  • Quickly perform network analysis by using Cellular Expert tools for profiling, coverage and visibility


Case Study


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