Cellular Expert at Latvian Telecom

Lattelecom is the leading provider of telecommunication services in Latvia. Cellular Expert software provides Lattelecom engineers the ability to plan and optimize the network, quickly generate reports, reduce costs and facilitate work processes.

About Company

Lattelecom is the leading provider of electronic communications services in Latvia. Formed in 1991 as SIA Lattelecom, today company offers electronic communication solutions for home, small and medium size businesses, state and municipal institutions, as well as for corporate clients. Lattelecom also offers integrated electronic communications and IT services, as well as telecommunications, network design and installation services. Lattelecom also provides data transmission and IT infrastructure solutions; Internet and contact centre services, as well as outsourced business process services.

Project date: 2000

Number of licenses purchased: 2

Cellular Expert project scope

Cellular Expert software is used for transmission network planning. During the implementation project the following tasks have been accomplished: 

  • Staff training
  • Database creation
  • Interface to pathloss software creation
  • Software customization, development of antenna optimization toolbox

Business value:

Cellular Expert software provides Lattelecom with a set of benefits. Firstly, many internal processes are standardized, making everyday tasks more efficient and less complex. Secondly, Cellular Expert tools help Lattelecom engineers to quickly and correctly generate reports in required format as well as track work flows. Last, but not the least, Cellular Expert engineering tools reduced costs and facilitated work processes.

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