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BITĖ Group is one of the biggest international telecommunications groups in the Baltic countries. The group, which was set up in 2005, consists of BITĖ Lietuva operating in Lithuania since 1995 and BITE Latvija established in 2005. With its long-time experience in the dynamic telecommunications market, investments and professional team of employees, BITĖ Group is ready to ensure modern, high-quality and customer-friendly services for Latvian and Lithuanian customers. BITĖ realized benefits of the geographic information systems (GIS) for business long time ago, and is using GIS technology extensively for more than 10 years. GIS assists particularly, in daily work of the Network Department: in planning and optimizing network, planning network deployment work, analyzing customer behavior, for network management, etc.

Cellular Expert solves SOFTBANK MOBILE complex network planning tasks

SOFTBANK Corp. is one of the major Telecom companies in Japan, which has more than 21 885 employees in 2010. The company provides broadband, mobile, fixed-line services as well as manages Japan‘s largest Internet portal company – Yahoo Japan. One of the SOFTBANK Corp. companies - SOFTBANK MOBILE - needed a tool to handle large data amounts and manage its complex network architecture. After successfully integrating Cellular Expert into company's system, the company has now a tool for process automation, which significantly saves time. Moreover, our experienced specialists has helped to collect and prepare geographical and all network related data. Cellular Expert helps SOFTBANK to maintain high quality radio network.

Cellular Expert helps US-based EQT plan its wireless communication network

EQT is one of the largest natural gas producers in USA. To manage wellhead volumes and performance, EQT had built a radio network, including the required tower infrastructure, throughout its operating area. EQT acquired Cellular Expert software in 2008 as a planning and analysis tool for its wireless communication network.

Cellular Expert at Croatian Regulatory Authority

With the goal of ensuring acceptable norms and standards of local Telco companies, HAKOM  has purchased and implemented Cellular Expert. Cellular Expert helps to calculate network coverage, generate reports, facilitates  interference analysis between different networks, and solves many other tasks. Additionally, our specialists have developed and integrated a customized import/export tool, which helps HAKOM to exchange data with local Telco companies easily and conveniently.

Cellular Expert is used by Swedish broadcasting company

Teracom main product areas are radio  tv broadcasting, Pay-tv offerings, transmission capacity for data connections as well as co-location and service. The main objective of a project was to develop custom tools which would speed the creation of radio links as well as to customize object sensitive context meniu. After a project a link-planning tool “TEMS Link Planner” developed by Ericsson was replaced by Cellular Expert.

Cellular Expert for High Bandwidth Wireless Network Development

Ball State University, (Muncie, USA), the third-largest public university in Indiana has implemented a project called "Digital Middletown" for testing the value and impact of high bandwidth wireless technology. To plan its optimal network, the university has chosen Cellular Expert software. Cellular Expert enabled Ball State to perform field strength coverage predictions, allowing the university to plan and build network sites. After the project has finished, the university hosted a wireless Internet network, which allowed local households to connect to it. Students were able to attend virtual classes and communicate with teachers and friends straight form their houses.

Cellular Expert at Latvian Telecom

Lattelecom is the leading provider of telecommunication services in Latvia. Cellular Expert software provides Lattelecom engineers the ability to plan and optimize the network, quickly generate reports, reduce costs and facilitate work processes.

Cellular Expert Services for Nelte

Neltė faced a neccessity to design and estimate the cost of building fixed WiMAX network in several Lithuanian cities. With outsourcing the task to HNIT-BALTIC, Neltė has benefited in several ways:  saved time, money and now has a reliable WiMAX network.

Cellular Expert and Network Engineer at Lithuanian Power Center

AB Lietuvos energija performs electric energy production and supply, electric energy import and export and electricity sales activities. The main objective of the project was to create an unified Telecommunication Network Information System (NIS).

Cellular Expert for initial CDMA2000 network planning

Alldean Satellite Networks Ltd. is Kenya based company providing solutions based on Satellite technology. The company faced a necessity to plan an initial CDMA2000 network for delivering voice services. Alldean Satellite Networks has implemented Cellular Expert, which helped to carry out a feasibility study and evaluate further steps for building CDMA2000 network according to the available budget, equipment, and other necessary resources.

Cellular Expert at Denmark-based Wireless Internet Provider

ButlerNetworks has purchased and had to perform initial planning for Flash OFDM network. Cellular Expert software helped company's specialits to calculate the number of base stations required, signal coverage, and estimate the costs of roll out. Thus ButlerNetworks saved time and could start implementing network instantly and efficiently.


Cellular Expert helps Icecell to save its investments

IceCell is a Mobile Network Operator, which has purchased a license to build up 1800MHz network in Iceland. Calculations performed by Cellular Expert showed that it is not worth building the network, so IceCell has saved millions of dollars.

Cellular Expert at Alpha Komunikacijos

Alpha Komunikacijos - a company providing telecommunication services for Lithuanian market. The company made a bid to win WiMAX license in Lithuania. HNIT-BALTIC specialists were asked  to plan a fixed WiMAX network. By using Cellular Expert, the feasibility study was carried out, which has showed how WiMAX network will be developed within a certain period of time.

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